Visiting the Landscape

Bowing to the Wind 20 x 24  $6200 Contact:

Bowing to the Wind
20 x 24 $6200

6:00 AM, pulling out of the parking lot of the supermarket I shop at. The view before me is inspiring. Between the McDonalds and the mega gas station is a view of the farmland that is being eaten up by new interstate highways and shopping malls. For as long as I can, I take the scene in, letting it form ideas for paintings that sit on the back burner of my mind. There the scene resides, alongside concepts for figurative works. I have enjoyed the figure work that has consumed me for the last decade, but scenes of the morning light raking over the farmland I grew up with rekindles my desire to paint the landscape. Before there were Kim and Jordan to inspire me, there were the endless miles of flat farmland and the occasional meandering streams that provoked me to fill my canvases with lush greens and glorious blues. Grass and sky were enough to set me to paint hours on end.

Kim was my first model to inspire me with her desire to be more than just a body to draw from. Kim wanted to be part of the creative process; she gave me poses to paint that challenged me and made me think. Through Kim I moved from being a painter to being an artist. For ten years Kim and I worked together creating works of art. I honed my skills as a draftsmen and as a painter. As with all models, they meet someone and move on from modeling…

Before Kim was completely done with modeling I had the good fortune of meeting Jordan, who for the past five years has inspired me to do some of my best works. Her stories of growing up in the hills of Arkansas have stirred the mix of ideas for paintings in my head, rekindling my love of the landscape. Her tales of country life and that view from the supermarket have led me to lend my hand to the landscape yet again. The creative skills I developed working from the live model and years of painting out in nature have given me the ability to create scenes on canvas from memory and paint scenes that only exist in my mind. Bending with the Wind 20 x 24 , is one of those paintings that was inspired by scenes I see around me every day. The sky, I may have seen on Tuesday, while the land is from a scene along the interstate seen two years ago. I activate the rules of composition and design that I’ve made for myself and set about sketching directly on canvas, in oil, the scene as I wish it to be. To inspire me even more, my studio is full of paintings of Kim and Jordan. Things that aren’t in a painting still affect how I paint, who I hang with effects my work.

I’m represented by some fine galleries who show some very fine artists. I use the best materials out there and only send out my very best work to all my galleries. Looking at the work presently on my easel, I think of the artists who’s work this piece will hang with, and I ask myself, “Is this the best I can do?”  Take a look: and November 11th at


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