White Flowers on a White Windowsill

White Flowers on a White Window Sill

White Flowers on a White Windowsill

My still-lifes are informal in that I’m painting the things I see around me. I may move them to my studio, but I paint them as they are in every day life. Dandelions in a jelly jar glass were sometimes my surprise gift to mother. A small gift helped before owning up to something I did that could mean an hour of time or a whack from the yard stick… So my still-lifes are portraits of objects that come into my life like a potted plant from my model or a bouquet of flowers from a student. Sometimes these gifts are a challenge for me, like a bouquet of all white flowers set on my white window sill with the white curtain down. I told myself there was too much white, but it kept gnawing at me to be painted. I like to break from my painting and look out the window to see what’s happening outside, but there sat this beautiful bouquet of white flowers. Then I posed a model beneath the window and really was drawn to this challenge. Painting the model was pushed to the side as I placed a canvas panel on the easel and began to paint the white flowers. With the model watching a movie on Netflix I submerged myself into capturing the white flowers. Four days of moving from doing a figure painting to a still-life.

Sometimes things go astray, a carefully planed painting is pushed to the side because of something getting into my head. Jordan, my favorite model, gave me a plant and because it was a gift and she placed it on the window sill just so, it captured me totally and I put it to canvas. Mason jars, broken dolls, cookie jars – all bring back memories and all call for them to be painted as individual bits of my life. I haven’t set up a traditional arrangement of objects in years. Same with the girls I hire to pose for me. I draw them, sketch them for months before I place them in a painting. I paint the people and things in my life. I make the girls I hire a part of my life.


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