Don’t Throw In The Towel


It’s nice making it into a major competition. While I was shipping my painting off to said national exhibition my friend Don, who did not make it into this one, was putting together a local exhibition. Boy did Don put together a class exhibition too. At the national show the art was great and it was all rubbing shoulders with the talent that showed at it. The exhibition itself, however, was less than a class act. The great art work was not given the respect it deserved. Paintings were packed in with some hung so high or so low you really couldn’t appreciate the work put into these great works of art.
Don had actually won big by being left out. He gathered together a few local artists and gave each work the respect all art desires. Don made his community aware of the talent living among them. Sometimes we artists forget what we can do in our own community. We look for the big prize, when the big prize is right in front of us. It may not be a gold medal or a nice sum of cash, but a smile and a pat on the back ain’t bad. Don and his fellow local artists, with their class act show, did sell a few pieces, and more importantly, they gave their community something it could feel good about.
Every artist has the ability to create an event through the smallest of exhibitions. Events are memorable moments whether they are concerts or ball games. Clean out your garage, hang your art up, invite the neighbors over, have your friend with his guitar annoy people, and tell people why you love creating art. Just because you did not make it into a national show or get into a gallery, don’t throw in the towel. Vincent didn’t.


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