Thanks To All Those Expressing Themselves


Art has taught me so much over the years. One thing it has taught me is to look at things carefully and look for a total understanding of the world around me. Listening is also part of what art has taught me. Facebook has put me in contact with a lot of people through my interest in art. Many of my Facebook friends live in other countries. Yesterday I got a nice letter from a fellow artist in French Polynesia and the day before I heard from another artist in Belgium. Both spoke perfect English. That isn’t always the case. One Facebook friend had great difficulties trying to get his thoughts across to me. He was trying to tell me the difficulties he has with expressing himself through his art in his country. In his country, there are restrictions on what can be expressed.

The other day I saw a posting in which the artist, in my opinion, took a compliment totally the wrong way because of the poor English of the giver. I questioned myself because so many of those commenting took greater offense to the compliment the person was trying to give this very talented artist. Art has taught me to look at all sides of things and I carry that thinking outside of my studio into life around me. I read the compliment as a true compliment coming from someone struggling with an unfamiliar language with thoughts alien to the artist and those commenting on it.

I’m still capable of getting my foot in my mouth, but with age, I find I am doing it less, thanks to years of painting and years of others painting. Art opens minds and my mind is being opened with every work of art I come upon.

Thanks to all who are out there writing, painting, dancing, carving and expressing yourselves. Thanks and love to you all.


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