A Man With a Sketchbook & a Pencil


Cherished Moments

Sometimes I have to put my brushes down to attend to the business side of art. Ordering frames, brushes, paints, canvas and all the other things we artists need to continue our work. Selling art is very important if we wish to continue and that was the business that needed attention last week. I have some great people and great galleries doing just that for me. Last week though, I had to put down my brushes and do a bit of selling myself. Jordan was here all last week doing promotional work and selling for me at the same time. Had I had my way I would have had her and her lovely Josephine posing for me the entire time. While Jordan worked on getting my studio in order I watched over baby Josephine. I kept wanting to do a painting of her big blue eyes but Jordan kept finding paintings that needed titles and needed photographing.
          Tidy is not a word one would use to describe my studio. Paintings sit everywhere, some drying, others waiting for my final approval. “No rest for the wicked” might apply to me for I finish one painting and I’m onto the next when I should be taking time for home life. I throw a load of laundry in the washer in the morning before leaving the house then throw it into the dryer at night. I sold a large painting last week and found I could order new clothes in minutes – enabling me to paint for a few extra hours in the morning and evenings.
         I’m really hooked on painting, so last week it was both nice and painful with Jordan and Josephine here and not being able to paint. Watching Josephine learn about the world was inspiring, holding her when she would let me was uplifting. These are feelings I get while painting, these are feelings I wish to share through my paintings. As my work takes form on my canvas I begin to smile more and think of giving a smile to those who view my work. I had this desire since I first began to draw, back then it was mom who I wanted to please. Holding Josephine brings back long forgotten feelings, which I rely on for creating my art these days. Fantasy landscapes from how I saw the world as a child come to life on my easel. I cherish moments of today watching Jordan nursing Josephine who never stops wiggling. Some day Josephine may remember a man with a sketchbook and pencil watching her talking silly talk as he worked away.

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