Art on Facebook


My friend Tom sent me a photo of himself painting a scene of the Fox River, which is just outside my studio here in Illinois.  The sound of the water flowing over the dam is nice to listen to while painting. Good fishing around the dam, nice seeing the local fishermen catch and release.
          Could not make out whether Tom had a good painting or not, he took the photo some distance from his setup. I asked him why he backed off so far to take the picture, to which he replied he wanted me to see that he’d painted it on the spot. I told him that it wasn’t Facebook he was showing his work through, and to email me the painting so I could see it.  I wanted to see what he’d done – not where he’d done it.
          Wasn’t a bad little painting. I see a lot of artists posting their outdoor setups, showing the location more than their artwork. I understand they want to show that they traveled to some spot near or far to paint or to show how close they came to capturing the scene before them. Some line up their work with the scene they captured to really show how good they are. A couple I’ve seen forget the scene is so bright that the image on their canvas doesn’t show in their posting at all.
       When I post my work I want people to see the work, not where I was when I painted it. That’s just me of course. Everyone has their own reasons for being on Facebook and their own ideas as to how they use it. I was very surprised when I sold one of my pieces to a Facebook friend. I’ve sold several since that first one. I would think one would want a clear photo of their work out there for people to see. But, then not everyone wishes to sell their work.


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