Keeping My Mind In A Good Place

DSC! 12x12

Quiet Light

Paintings don’t always come about without a struggle and some self-doubt. Sometimes the struggle can affect life outside the studio. I’ve written about this before, but then I was not experiencing the struggle. Today I am having difficulties with a large painting and asking myself all the questions my friends and teachers have asked over the years when I expressed those difficulties we all run into. Actually, I’ve been asking these questions for a couple weeks now…
          The vision I had when I began this painting was quite strong. The brush work has been causing all the problems. I love variety of texture in my art and I bring that texture to a painting through brushwork. The brush work I started with disappointed me so I had to scrape it off which produced an effect that changed my original concept. Seeing the concept in a new light confused me. I am proud of my ability to hold onto a concept through to the completion of each painting – which is not always the case. I get frustrated when I lose sight of my original vision. Outside elements affect my work, sometimes for the good – sometimes for the bad. I let the political state of affairs into my studio and painting the things I love became a struggle…
          Luckily I had time with Jordan and Josephine to clear up my vision and put life straight again. A 14-month-old holds a lot of power, they can push out all that is troubling. Keeping Josephine near is my net saving me from those tumbles into darkness. Paintings of Jordan and Josephine and all those I love to surround me in my studio keeping my mind in a good place.


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