Saturday Mornings At Jakes


Every Saturday morning, from 9am till 11am my friend and fellow artist, George Shipperley and I host a critique at Jake’s Bagel Shop. George presented the idea for a critique and I nodded a, “Yes, I guess…”, while possibly sketching one of Joe’s other patrons at the time – my mind being elsewhere when George proposed the critique. Joe is the owner of Jake’s, a true lover of the arts. He installed track lighting for George and I to show our work there, and a big screen TV for us to show the artwork of those who come to Saturday critique. Joe did not realize that no one in the group knew anything about using such a beautiful gadget, so all it has on it so far are the Saturday morning cartoons, which aren’t as good as the old cartoons from when I was a kid…

All art is welcome, realism, abstract, art with a message, art with no labels; same with mediums. As long as we can see it, we review it. It’s not just George and myself though; everyone joins in with their ideas – even other patrons. A young lady of 5 expressed her opinion and was right on with her observation. Maddie, the 10-year-old daughter of our friend Allen, brings her work sometimes. She’s turned to writing now too and wrote a nice review of Jake’s – her place to go.

Artists from all around come to the critique and to get help with their work. While sometimes they walk away with a bit too much advice, they always leave feeling good, and not just because they got an answer to their problem. Jake’s is a friendly family place where everyone knows your name. The coffee is great, the bagels are the best and George and I do our best to help you with your art.


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