Selling Art or Making Money?


I received an email ad for an “art marketing course”. I found it interesting in that it begins with an artist asking for help with selling art. This artist wants to sell their art while remaining an artist. The key question though is how to sell art. The answer lies in taking this course and following the advice in the course to the letter. Sounds like a good thing to me, but what bothered me was the example of how well this course works when followed to the letter  —  remember the artist asking for help wants to know how to sell their art.

The example artist, no name given, is now very successful. They have nine workshops filled, a book that is selling well, they have been in two publications, they no longer enter competitions and they are making more money than they did 3 years ago. What they do not say though is that they are selling their art. So haven’t they switched from being a full time artist to being a part-time artist?

A lot of artists teach workshops and hold classes in their studio –  I do. The question posed in the beginning of this ad is how does this artist sell more of their art – not how do they make money. If the answer is ‘teach art, write books, and run workshops’ and every artist takes this course, then who will be left to be taught, read the books, and fill the workshops?

This ad just got me thinking about all the art marketing books and courses out there and yet so many artists are still not selling their art…


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